Brendan Leigh is a 21 year old photographer currently based out of Montreal, QC. Brendan has been photographing full time for over a year and a half and the majority of his work focuses on the interaction of humans and the environment. While his recent focus has been on the urban environment around him, Brendan’s ultimate goal is to show the artistic, beautiful, and majestic aspects of nature through photographs, while simultaneously using photographs to document and bring attention to some very influential and important environmental, animal behavioral, and earth science issues.

Raised in New Jersey, Brendan developed both a love for nature and for observing the world around him at a young age. Hiking, camping,and exploring the Watchung, Adirondack, Appalachian, and Rocky Mountain ranges,as well as spending summers and winters on the Jersey Shore allowed this interest to develop into a passion at a young age. Currently, Brendan is pursing an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science from McGill University.

The Environment has played such a vital role in Brendan’s development,that he feels a personal call to help protect it. He believes that while scientific analysis is vital, it often goes over the heads of the general public. With so many pressing issues, Brendan realizes there is no time to waste and that through his ability to research and document he can help better educate, saving precious time and future generations.





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