Brendan Leigh is a 26 year old photographer currently based out of Talca, Chile. Brendan has been photographing full time since 2013 and the majority of his work focuses on the interaction of humans and the environment around them. While his recent focus has been on the urban environment around him, Brendan’s ultimate goal is use his photos to show the life in the environment in where he is currently located. 

Brendan holds an undergraduate degree from McGill University in Environmental Science. Since May 2018, Brendan has been living in the Maule Region of Chile. Until February 2019, Brendan lived in a small farming town called Hualañe. This year he is located in the nearby city Talca. 

Brendan Leigh tiene 26 años y es un fotógrafo actualmente ubicado en Talca, Chile. Brendan ha estado scando fotos desde 2013 y la mayoria de su trabajo esta enfocando en la interacion de los humanos y su aredadores. Mientras su foco

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